About Maksym Mirieiev

I am enthusiast, who is fascinated by the language diversity. I have double-majored in English and Crimean Tatar (one of the indigenous languages of the Crimean peninsula, Ukraine). Now I live in the US. Prior to my arrival to the US, I worked as monitoring journalist for BBC Monitoring Service (Ukraine) and taught Crimean Tatar literature at the Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University, Simferopol, Ukraine.

List of prewar Crimean Tatar Periodicals published in Romania

Here I provide a list of prewar Crimean Tatar periodicals published in Romania with short descriptions and bibliographical information on what archives and libraries they can be found in. The list was kindly provided by Dr. Corina Apostoleanu from Biblioteca Judeteana “I.N.Roman” in Constanta. Most of the newspapers and magazines in this list are stored in the Romanian National Academy’s Library (Biblioteca Academiei Române) in Bucharest.