Dobruca (Dobrogea) maps

Here we present selected maps of Dobruca/Dobrogea (a region that has long been a territory of compact settlement for Crimean Tatars and Turks).
Historically, in different times this region belonged to the Ottoman Empire, Romania and partially Bulgaria (not to mention a short-term German occupation of the region in 1918). In 1913-1940, Dobruca (Dobrogea) was  fully controlled by the Kingdom of Romania. İt was a heyday of the literature of the Crimean Tatar diaspora in the region.
As of now, Dobruca (Dobrogea) region remains split between Romania and Bulgaria. Romania controls the larger Northern part, while Southern Dobruca (Dobrogea) currently remains under control of Bulgaria. Both parts have a considerable Turkic population.
İt would be important to mention the fact that Dobruca (Dobrogea) was home for different nations other than Turkic, and, in a way, can be considered a melting pot of Romania, a region where dozens ethnic groups have peacefully co-existed for centuries. We have included several maps (historical, topographic and ethnic groups maps) that researchers and our readers might find useful for their work. We hope that the information reflected here is interesting for you.

© Maksym Mirieiev 2012


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